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Why Choose The Institute of Brazilian Fitness?

Our mission at the Institute of Brazilian Fitness is to offer the highest quality training in the Brazilian martial arts of Capoeira and Jiu Jitsu, and also with well-designed fitness classes.

Equipped with formal education as well as of expertise in the fields of nutrition and fitness, our programs and classes are technically designed to be effective, efficient and enjoyable.

Our goal is to foster an encouraging environment for all members, one that helps people build healthy change into their lives. We believe that these art forms can be the foundation for ongoing commitment to a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, our mission also includes offering our programs to the entire community, regardless of ability to pay.

At the Institute of Brazilian Fitness, each member should expect to be treated with respect, feel safe and also be continuously challenged to meet his or her goals. Our vision is a community that is dedicated to health and fitness, while also bringing awareness to the richness of the Brazilian martial arts.