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Vamos nessa Mestre Rã!

Capoeira community, friends, and family.  Let’s bring together our support and send Mestre Rã the healing energy and well wishes.   With 5 more days left before the surgery date,  let’s make a big final push to get him as much of the funding for his surgery as possible.  Every little bit counts! Please share the word.

“Cassio Martinho, or Mestre Rã as he is known in world of capoeira, needs our help for a vital surgery on his spine.  The surgery is delicate, and his doctors have waited to perform the surgery hoping other treatments would work. ” 

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What’s really cool is that there has been a Meia Lua de Frente Challenge that has started.  Show a meia lua de frente technique, donate, and challenge your friends!  Here is one from C.M. Recruta, UCA.  In the words of M. Mindinho, “DO IT!”