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Get in touch with your roots

The event’s first round of instruction started tonight with our special guest Treinel Daniel – FICA Oakland, California teaching a Capoeira Angola seminar.  We are grateful for him to share his knowledge of the  history, approach, and philosophy.  The class began with a fruitful Q&A discussion bringing up topics for awareness and then progressed into movements and partner sequences.  In the span of the 2 hour seminar, this was just scratching the surface of the tip of the iceberg for our students still newly exposed to Angola.  It was an inspiring experience to say the least and leaving plenty of food for thought with much research to be desired.

Thank you Treinel Daniel for the awesome instruction.  Happy early Birthday and wishing you a great roda as you celebrate this Saturday!  Read more about Treinel Daniel on FICA Oakland’s website:

Continue below on how it went down:


Stimulated by the movements going in and out of the back-bridge position.



 Follow the leader.  Having fun with the footwork.  Remember… not singing = squats.



Ending the night on a high note in the roda with Treinel Daniel and Mestre Indio.  Yup, you heard it right.  Guess who’s in the house!


The fun continues tomorrow night (Friday) again at the Red Morton Community Center, Redwood City, CA.  As always, please refer to the EVENT page for time and location details.  And for your diehard FB users, the FB Event Page as well.