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Bringing it to you


One of the top reasons to participate in the annual graduation event is the talent pool of guest instructors IBF provides to bring in a wide range of experience.  For capoeira student, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of their presence especially those who have traveled from far.  From locally in the bay area and as far away to Winnipeg, this year we were fortunate to have instruction on Friday and Saturday from:

Mestre Índio – Viva Capoeira

Mestre Mindinho – Capoeira Brasil San Diego

CM Chuvisquinho – Sinha Capoeira

Professora Sarará – Cordao de Ouro

Formando Aranha – Capoeira Brasil San Francisco

Read more about each of them in the links to their school websites provided above.  Our students had an amazing time being exposed to the many different instruction styles.  It’s also a great way to network.  You never know when you may be traveling and looking for a place to train.  Meet the leaders of the schools here and visit them at their home towns.  You might end up having it the other way around and use this as your main reason of travel.

Rumors are already brewing about what’s in store for 2015.  Tune in frequently for the latest news.  For now, check out below for some of the excitement captured at the 2014 Batizado event.