I’m not sure if I ever had the chance to tell you but you changed my life. I’m forever thankful for this gift of Capoeira you’ve given me. It’s everything. The ability to Ginga through life, to react to the things life throws at you like a Jogo. It’s priceless Mestre.

Please look through my photo album and enjoy the pictures of me MOVING!! I haven’t trained consistently in a long time but the seed of Capoeira continues to grow and inspire.

I know you continue to influence lives but close to 18 years ago you changed mine. A million “Thank yous” mestre!

Eric Miller (Santa Cruz, CA)

My mestre, teacher, and close friend. This is a result of your groundwork of values, morals, and principles that you hold very tight and remind us every day, a foundation that continues to be proven true especially in days like this. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, passion, and wisdom with us. I had an excellent time today, and looking forward to the next. Osss!!

Alfred Calayag (San Jose, CA)

Mestre Itabora, you embody the essence of a true leader!!!
Thank you for all your support, WISDOM, time, your most AMAZING energy, ENCOURAGEMENT, and being an INSPIRATION to me!!! Capoeiristas growing in this art form are blessed to know a mestre like you.

Juju Olajide (New York, 2011)


You are a great instructor and an even better life coach. You’ve taught me so much in jiu jitsu and in life through your teachings and words after class. Thanks so much for everything Itabora.

Paul Langston (Undisputed Boxing Gym member, 2011)